Louise Aldridge

Born in London, 1989. Lives and works in London, UK.

Education: First Class BA Honours Degree – Fine Art – CANTERBURY CHRIST CHURCH ’13

Louise Aldridge is a painter clearly motivated by the love of paint and painting. Her fantastically observed nudes won’t quite sit still, their organic forms vibrate, in total contrast to the extreme, rectilinear environments in which they sit. Leaving parts of the canvas relatively untouched, the artist’s viewpoint is given to be subjective, uncommitted, perhaps even fickle? But also with the ability to create an extraordinary impression of presence and liveliness. Aldridge’s canvases are large enough to appeal directly to the sympathies of the viewer, and set up a very human relationship with between artist, subject and audience.

Artist Statement

My work is constantly changing, but always stems from the same ideas. I’m interested in the moments where nature and human life come together as one. The space which surrounds the figure fascinates me, how it is changed, highlighted and how moments are noticed in a way that might not have been noticed or experienced otherwise. In my on work I love to find ways in which to comment the organic shapes and vibrations that the figure has on the natural landscape just by being there.


I am drawn to the surface qualities in nature and love exploring in paint how to comment on these textures and shapes for the viewer to experience in a whole new way, appreciating small things ad forcing the viewer just to stop in our loud and fast pace life and look at this differently.


I would describe my work, now, to be more figurative abstraction. Playing around with the experience of the process of painting, from intense mark making to blocks of overlapping colour that force you focus back to engage with the whole picture.